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To Zoom-Out, is to see beyond your current ‘reality’ to many potentially more helpful perspectives


Zoom-Out is a set of cognitive principles and skills to boost personal and team resilience, agility and impact.


The Zoom-Out name derives from the tendency at times for humans to be fixated on an unhelpful detail, i.e. Zoomed-In, to the detriment of their wellbeing and effectiveness


In this increasingly connected,  collaborative, dynamic and rapidly changing world, our ability to see the bigger picture, embrace diverse perspectives, manage our emotions and see clearly is ever more important, some might even say, crucial. Zoom-Out approaches this from a fundamental and foundational level – the way we see and interpret situations, ourselves and other people. Our day-to-day realities.

Zoom-Out is relevant to all aspects of personal life and work. Some of the application areas are listed below and are covered in our workshops.

ZO on STRESS 25pcYour perspective on stress determines whether it is beneficial or harmful. Did you know that the way you view stress can have a significant impact on your life expectancy?

ZO on CONFLICT-25pcThe perspectives you adopt of yourself and others have a huge impact on your experience of conflict and your ability to deal with conflict effectively.

ZO on EMOTION-25pc Your perspective on your own emotions can have a great impact on the extent to which your emotions control you. The ability to shift your perspective on an emotion rather than suppress the emotion is a powerful emotional intelligence skill.


A great way of learning more about and applying the Zoom-Out mindset, principles and tools, is on one of our Zoom-Out Workshops. These come in various flavours and the full details can be found on our Workshops directory page.


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