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Welcome to the world of Zoom-Out.  Here at Zoom-Out Ltd, we bring you Zoom-Out workshops, training, consulting and coaching.

In this increasingly connected,  collaborative, dynamic and rapidly changing world, our ability to see the bigger picture, embrace diverse perspectives, manage our emotions and see clearly is ever more important, some might even say, crucial. Zoom-Out is relevant to all aspects of personal life and work.
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To Zoom-Out, is to see beyond your current ‘reality’ to many potentially more helpful perspectives


Zoom-Out is a set of cognitive principles and skills to boost personal and team resilience, agility and impact.


A Zoom-Out mindset impacts the bottom line especially if success is fuelled by employee engagement, collaboration, conflict management, tolerance and resilience.


The Zoom-Out name derives from the tendency at times for humans to be fixated on an unhelpful detail, i.e. Zoomed-In, to the detriment of their wellbeing and effectiveness.

Conflict Workshop


The Zoom-Out on Conflict Workshop

The perspectives you adopt of yourself and others have a huge impact on your experience of conflict and your ability to deal with conflict effectively.

Zoom-Out concepts and tools applied to conflict in the workplace and life more generally.

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An introduction to Zoom-Out and Planet Zoom


Finding broader and more helpful perspectives to boost wellbeing and performance   In this increasingly connected, collaborative, dynamic and rapidly changing world, our ability to see the bigger picture, embrace diverse perspectives, manage our emotions and see clearly is ever more valuable. Zoom-Out is all about finding the most helpful…

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Past Self Zoom-Out


This Zoom-Out involves stepping back in time and looking forward to the present moment, your current situation, and considering how your past self would see this and what they would say to you. You could also consider this as being in the Self Dimension. It’s up to you how far…

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Zin & Zoot Evolved


Zin and Zoot are our friends from Planet Zoom. Or put another way, visual metaphors with anthropomorphic features that represent our Zoom-In and Zoom-Out abilities. If you were to take an analogue camera, a couple of humans and an alien from the farthest reaches of the universe, place them into a…

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Happy Easter

 Happy Easter from the Zoom-Out team! We hope you and your family have a wonderful break! It doesn’t look like we will be seeing much sunshine this Easter and some parts of the UK are expecting snow! So here is a little sunshine from us.       Does anyone know how we went…

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Zoomologist.com is our companion website which is dedicated to all things Zoom-Out related across multiple genres including the visual arts, music, film, comedy, fiction and poetry in addition to various schools of thought including philosophy, psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, cosmology, physics, systems thinking, anthropology and more.

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Art of Zoom-Out

zo william blake ancient of days - med

Visit our Zoom-Out art gallery for the joy of Zooming-Out. It’s a curiously, curated, collection of pictures, writing, symbols, music, humour, metaphors, sounds, feelings, thoughts, imaginings and other perspectives.  

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Intro Workshop Tour Dates


“Tour Dates” The Zoom-Out “Intro Workshop” is currently “On Tour”. You can find out details on our workshop page. Coming Up: 2017 dates to be announced soon! Previously: 15 December 2016 – Meetup: Agile Covent Garden, London 17 November 2016 – Meetup: Management 3.0 Meetup Zoom-Out Workshop, London 05 October 2016 – Financial…

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The Zoom-Out Intro Workshop

Workshop Promo Zoom-Out

I’m currently “on the road” with my Zoom-Out Workshop. If you’d like to find out more please visit this page which also includes contact details  http://zoom-out.org/workshop/ “Boost collaboration and well-being in the workplace through increased flexibility, resilience and tolerance.”      

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Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t — Infographic


The following infographic pulls together lots of established stats and facts relating to workplace happiness. It’s derived from Simon Sinek’s book “Leaders Eat Last”.  Workplace stress accounts for a significant amount of work related illness. Traditional and simply bad leadership styles contribute significantly to such stress. With 70% of employees not…

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Zoomology – definition


zoomology [zoom-ol-uh-jee] noun the science of encouraging and preserving the variety, breadth and balance of human perspectives the study and practice of recognising when a person is Zoomed-In on something unhelpful and identifying ways to Zoom-Out (and optionally Zoom-In again) on something more helpful See also The Zoomological Society  

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zoomologist [zoom-ol-uh-jist] noun A person dedicated to the study and practice of recognising when a person is Zoomed-In on something unhelpful and identifying ways to Zoom-Out (and optionally Zoom-In again) on something more helpful A person dedicated to the art and science of encouraging and preserving the variety, breadth and balance…

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Fast-forward Zoom-Out >>

time machine

The next time you are entrenched in a stressful or emotionally negative situation, try this Time Zoom-Out. Imagine stepping out and viewing your life as a movie. You have access to a Fast Forward >> button. Don’t worry, there is also a Rewind button that brings you back. Imagine pressing the…

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“All perspectives are wrong but some are helpful” Zoom-Out PRINCIPLE #2

MC Escher perspective

Let’s go on a journey to the heart of what it means to be human. Let’s consider the way many people live out their lives. Many people spend their entire life… interpreting opinions as facts. Many people spend their entire life… interpreting what they witness, as being the reality. Many people spend their…

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TED Talk “Your perception is not always reality” by Nikos Konstantinou

TED Talk Nikos Konstantinou

This is a powerful Zoom-Out related TED Talk video. “Our brain constructs and shapes our reality. The importance of previous experiences and context related to how perceptions may be represented. Nikos received a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London.He currently spends countless hours in the lab designing and running…

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Bad boss

Zoom-Out Bad boss

Situation: You start a new job. Within a few days you realise your boss is an a**hole. You start to curse your luck and imagine what a nightmare your job is going to be.  Universal Zoom-Out: You Zoom-Out and remember that there is no ‘Law of the Universe’ that said you…

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Car scrape

small scratch on a card door

Situation: While your car was parked, someone put a scratch in that lovely shiny paintwork. This makes you sad, angry and frustrated and ruins-your day! What’s more, you are reminded every time you walk past your car or drive it and the negative feelings lasts for weeks, months or even years.  Statistical Zoom-Out:…

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Bad day

bad day - unhappy sun behind cloud

Situation: You’re having a pretty bad day <insert reason here>. You are quite fed up. You are thinking that you should have stayed in bed this morning.  Time Zoom-Out: Then you remember to Zoom-Out. You step back and see things from the broader perspective of your life, past and future. You see…

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Your Zoom-Outs

This post captures all of your Zoom-Outs. Those inspired by examples on this site or completely of your own devising (we love those!). Please leave your Zoom-Out as a comment below. Thanks in advance! Brought to you by Zoom-Out Ltd. Helping people, teams and organisations to Zoom-Out every day for…

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Happy – The Movie


If you’ve not seen this film yet and have an interest in happiness and being happy yourself then please do not hesitate to watch it. It’s a documentary but like the best movies, has plenty of drama and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. It will leave you with a more…

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Cultivate your “Happiness Flower”


There are a multitude of articles, books and gurus that claim to hold the secret to happiness. However, I believe you may already hold the ‘secrets’ within yourself, more specifically, within your past experiences. At the very least you should find one or more signposts to greater happiness. Many people suppose or assume…

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