Bad boss

Zoom-Out Bad boss

Situation: You start a new job. Within a few days you realise your boss is an a**hole. You start to curse your luck and imagine what a nightmare your job is going to be.  Universal Zoom-Out: You Zoom-Out and remember that there is no ‘Law of the Universe’ that said you…

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Car scrape

small scratch on a card door

Situation: While your car was parked, someone put a scratch in that lovely shiny paintwork. This makes you sad, angry and frustrated and ruins-your day! What’s more, you are reminded every time you walk past your car or drive it and the negative feelings lasts for weeks, months or even years.  Statistical Zoom-Out:…

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Bad day

bad day - unhappy sun behind cloud

Situation: You’re having a pretty bad day <insert reason here>. You are quite fed up. You are thinking that you should have stayed in bed this morning.  Time Zoom-Out: Then you remember to Zoom-Out. You step back and see things from the broader perspective of your life, past and future. You see…

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