Bad day

Zoom-Out Bad daySituation:

You’re having a pretty bad day <insert reason here>. You are quite fed up. You are thinking that you should have stayed in bed this morning.

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Then you remember to Zoom-Out. You step back and see things from the broader perspective of your life, past and future. You see the road of life. You see that this day does not even count as a bump in the road of your life. It’s unrealistic to expect every day to be a good one. The very act of  thinking this way actually helps you to see the bad events of the day in a new way. As transitory.

Buddhists use the analogy of  ‘mental weather’ as metaphor for our moods. Just like storm clouds they will pass if we do not grasp them. Clouds and rain come and go. We should not get upset when it rains as that will make matters worse. The occasional rain cloud is inevitable.  We can see that such bad weather will soon pass.

As a result, you become more optimistic and cheerful about the rest of your day. You no longer have that glum expression. People respond more positively to you.

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