Car scrape

small scratch on a card doorSituation:

While your car was parked, someone put a scratch in that lovely shiny paintwork. This makes you sad, angry and frustrated and ruins-your day! What’s more, you are reminded every time you walk past your car or drive it and the negative feelings lasts for weeks, months or even years.

Zoom-Out Logo - bullet 50x49 Statistical Zoom-Out:

It’s time to Zoom-Out. You Zoom-Out and realise that being a car owner for your adult life is bound to involve a few bumps and scrapes. It’s unrealistic to expect this never to happen.

You also see that not everyone in the world owns a car. And some people would be happy to own a car no matter how many scratches it had.

So you feel grateful that it’s just a scratch and that you have a car to drive around. What a luxury. What a privilege.

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