Fast-forward Zoom-Out >>

time machine

The next time you are entrenched in a stressful or emotionally negative situation, try this Time Zoom-Out. Imagine stepping out and viewing your life as a movie. You have access to a Fast Forward >> button. Don’t worry, there is also a Rewind button that brings you back. Imagine pressing the…

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Bad day

bad day - unhappy sun behind cloud

Situation: You’re having a pretty bad day <insert reason here>. You are quite fed up. You are thinking that you should have stayed in bed this morning.  Time Zoom-Out: Then you remember to Zoom-Out. You step back and see things from the broader perspective of your life, past and future. You see…

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Cultivate your “Happiness Flower”


There are a multitude of articles, books and gurus that claim to hold the secret to happiness. However, I believe you may already hold the ‘secrets’ within yourself, more specifically, within your past experiences. At the very least you should find one or more signposts to greater happiness. Many people suppose or assume…

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