Conflict Workshop

The Zoom-Out on Conflict Workshop The perspectives you adopt of yourself and others have a huge impact on your experience of conflict and your ability to deal with conflict effectively. Zoom-Out concepts and tools applied to conflict in the workplace and life more generally. Find out more…

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Bad boss

Zoom-Out Bad boss

Situation: You start a new job. Within a few days you realise your boss is an a**hole. You start to curse your luck and imagine what a nightmare your job is going to be.  Universal Zoom-Out: You Zoom-Out and remember that there is no ‘Law of the Universe’ that said you…

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Your Zoom-Outs

This post captures all of your Zoom-Outs. Those inspired by examples on this site or completely of your own devising (we love those!). Please leave your Zoom-Out as a comment below. Thanks in advance! Brought to you by Zoom-Out Ltd. Helping people, teams and organisations to Zoom-Out every day for…

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Happy – The Movie


If you’ve not seen this film yet and have an interest in happiness and being happy yourself then please do not hesitate to watch it. It’s a documentary but like the best movies, has plenty of drama and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. It will leave you with a more…

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Cultivate your “Happiness Flower”


There are a multitude of articles, books and gurus that claim to hold the secret to happiness. However, I believe you may already hold the ‘secrets’ within yourself, more specifically, within your past experiences. At the very least you should find one or more signposts to greater happiness. Many people suppose or assume…

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