Zoom-Out COMPASS - with labels

The Zoom-Out COMPASS is a perspective navigational aid.
It can be used to navigate your ‘world’
and help you optimise your reality.

The compass is comprised of:
1 premise
6 signposts
8 dimensions


At times we can adopt narrow and unhelpful perspectives
to the detriment of ourselves and others.
The core premise of Zoom-Out is:
“Zoom-Out to find the most helpful perspective”


These signposts point to ways to break free of fixed and narrow perspectives and discover broader and more helpful perspectives.
The signposts also help us develop our meta-perspectives – our perspective on our perspectives.

1. Perspective is everything
2. All perspectives are wrong but some are helpful
3. Default perspectives can be overridden
4. Context is everything
5. Attention control is power
6. The whole is more than the sum of its parts


We often thinking of zooming in and out in space but we can also zoom in and out in other cognitive dimensions.
Within each dimension reside many individual helpful Zoom-Outs and Zoom-Ins.

1. Space
2. Time
3. Social
4. Odds
5. Universe
6. Self
7. Life
8. Death

 A great way to learn more and apply the Zoom-Out Compass is to attend our Zoom-Out Foundation Workshop.

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