ZO COMPASS - SMALLWhen we think of visually zooming out in 2D or 3D space, we think of the physical dimensions of up and down, near and far, or X, Y, Z expressed as Cartesian coordinates / axes. In Zoom-Out terms, there are many more dimensions than this. There’s the 4th dimension of time, which subdivides into past, present and future and also have a directional element, e.g. future perspective looking back. We also have more ‘abstract’ dimensions such as Society (Social), Universal, Odds, Beliefs, Life, Death, etc.

Zoom-Out aims to provide ways and tools for Zooming-Out in these many different dimensions, each of which can help us be more effective and lead more fulfilling lives in various situations.

Together with the Zoom-Out PRINCIPLES, the DIMENSIONS form the Zoom-Out Compass (aka the Zoom-Out “Framework”)

In our workshops, we provide various Zoom-Out Dimension Cards.

A great way to learn more and apply the Zoom-Out DIMENSIONS and PRINCIPLES is to attend our Zoom-Out Foundation Workshop.

THUMBNAILS of Zoom-Out Cards




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