Fast-forward Zoom-Out >>

time machineThe next time you are entrenched in a stressful or emotionally negative situation, try this Time Zoom-Out.

Imagine stepping out and viewing your life as a movie. You have access to a Fast Forward >> button. Don’t worry, there is also a Rewind button that brings you back.

Imagine pressing the Fast Forward >> button and all the days begin to rush by. Like that scene from The Time Machine but not as fast of course. Days, weeks and months fly by rather than years and decades. Just as well!

You feel the passing of time and distance growing between yourself and your ‘current’ reality.

You can see the time counter spinning round. You approach the 5 years in the future point and then stop. Peer back in time 5 years at your ‘current’ reality. How does it seem from here? How intense does it now look?

You press the Fast Forward >> button again. Again you feel the passage of time. Your next stop is 10 years in the future. How does it seem from here? How intense does it now look?

Once more you press the Fast Forward >> button and your next stop is well into retirement. You look back now and the situation appears to be diminished by time. In fact it is now just a distant memory with a faint echo through time. You can see the event as a bump in the road of your life.

From here you relish the opportunity to press the Rewind << button. The counter spins in the reverse direction, counting down the weeks and months.

When you finally arrive back in the present moment, your perspective is changed. You can see beyond the immediate situation and it holds less power over your emotions. You see the transience of the situation and the impermanence of the world. The possible positive ‘realities’ open up to you.

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