Last day at work Zoom-Out

leavingOne of the challenges that faces us every day in our jobs is “How do we make the most of our day?”. This is not about being busy, but spending our time and effort most wisely to maximise the value we bring to ourselves, our team, our company, to society and the world. How many people ask themselves this question? Complacency and routine can become a barrier here.

Here is a potential antidote.

Each morning, Zoom-Out and ask yourself, how would I spend my time today if this were my final week in this job or even my last day in this job?

How would you view your day then? How would your To-Do list look different? What goals would you set for yourself?

I have changed jobs more often than most being a consultant and contractor. I have noticed many times how in my last week of a job, I try to squeeze every ounce of value out of my time. I may focus on bolstering or galvanising relationships. Reaching out to see what I can do for others. Focusing on the tasks that result in most value with the view of leaving a positive and lasting impression.  So why don’t I operate this way all of the time? Surely these are all worthy of my focus every day? Well since I have been applying Zoom-Out thinking, I am reminding myself to take this perspective more often and I must say with positive results. I focus less on “busy work” and I am more discerning about how I can add and derive most value from each day.

So the next morning you are planning your working day, try this “Last day at work Zoom-Out” and see what difference it makes.

For a more extreme version of this Zoom-Out, you may want to consider how you would spend your day it were your last day. Period. See Steve Jobs quotes.

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