‘Tis the season to Zoom-Out

It’s the end of another year and people are getting into the festive spirit. It’s naturally a time for reflecting on our year. The highs and the lows. It’s also traditional to spend time with family and catch up with some old friends.

These are two classic Zoom-Outs. The first being a Time Zoom-Out. The other is a People Zoom-Out. Of course, we would recommend (and we do very often) that we should be thinking and acting this way all year round. As they say, a “Zoom-Out is not just for Christmas!”.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of these Zoom-Outs and we would love to hear your suggestions on how you get the most from this wonderful time of year… or any time of year :) As always we would love you to leave a comment.

Here are some particularly festive Zoom-Outs and some top-tips for getting the best from them.

Zoom-Out Logo - bullet 50x49 Time Zoom-Out:

This is a powerful approach used in coaching and self-coaching. The idea is to ‘travel’ back along the timeline of your life. In this case we want to focus on the past year.

You can do this alone in your head, or on paper (recommended) or with someone you trust to listen and support you (highly recommended). In each case, think/write/draw/talk about the highlights of your year. Those times you were proud of your achievements. Situations where you overcame some obstacle. Where you really tapped into your own resourcefulness. Be present again in those moments as you think or talk about them.

Year Timeline

To add more juice to this exercise, stand up and walk the virtual timeline. Visualise this on the floor and place markers / post-its at the highlight points you are considering.

Note that if you’ve had a particularly bad year then you should focus on a year or timeframe in your past that you consider to be a good one.

This exercise really helps to capitalise on all those resourceful and feel-good moments. Use this positive energy to propel you forward and to remind yourself of what you are capable of when looking ahead to the future. As humans we tend to remember and focus on the ‘bad’ times and beat ourselves up about ‘failures’. This Zoom-Out will address that balance and ideally, tip the scales dramatically in the positive direction.

Zoom-Out Logo - bullet 50x49 People Zoom-Out:

The aim here is to reflect on all of the people in our lives that we treasure. To take stock, if you will, with the aim of encouraging positive action to nurture those relationships.

People radiating outwards from you

Simply write down the names of the people you care about. You can do this in anyway you like but concentric circles works well, with close family at the centre, family, close friends, friends, acquaintances, etc. Whatever classification works for you. Do you differentiate between work and home? Should you?

Keep this list or visualisation where you can see it often. Stick it on your wall where you frequently notice it. Or at your fingertips electronically (but what will be the trigger to look at it frequently?).

In our busy and increasingly information-overloaded lives, this list can help you to Zoom-Out and refocus on your family and social circles.

Each time you do this, consider:

  • Be curious – ask – and listen
    Being curious and interested in other people is a great gift and also a great skill. People really value it. It makes them feel valued. As they say, more than anything, people remember how you made them feel. It’s also a great way to learn about the World and people. Curiosity is a powerful seed for great conversations, rapport and wonderful relationships.
  • Who have I not been in touch with recently that I should?
    A key point here is that we should make the effort. At all costs, avoid the “why should I contact them when they have not contacted me!” mentality.
  • Who can I provide support to / give to?
    Sometimes, we need each other more than at other times. And this is not always self-evident.
  • Is there anyone I should express gratitude to?
    Expressing gratitude is a wonderful gift both for the receiver but also for the giver. It just takes a few simple words of appreciation and gratitude. This can be in person, over the phone, via txt, email, Facebook or other digital channel. Try it and see for yourself.

Zoom-Out Logo - bullet 50x49 Your Festive Zoom-Outs?

What are your favourite Zoom-Outs for this time or year or any time of year? We’d love to hear them (please leave a comment at the bottom of this page).

Wishing you and yours many happy Zoom-Outs and a Merry Festive Season! x

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