Welcome to Zoom-Out

Welcome to the world of Zoom-Out.  Here at Zoom-Out Ltd, we bring you Zoom-Out workshops, training, consulting and coaching.

In this increasingly connected,  collaborative, dynamic and rapidly changing world, our ability to see the bigger picture, embrace diverse perspectives, manage our emotions and see clearly is ever more important, some might even say, crucial. Zoom-Out is relevant to all aspects of personal life and work.
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To Zoom-Out, is to see beyond your current ‘reality’ to many potentially more helpful perspectives


Zoom-Out is a set of cognitive principles and skills to boost personal and team resilience, agility and impact.


A Zoom-Out mindset impacts the bottom line especially if success is fuelled by employee engagement, collaboration, conflict management, tolerance and resilience.


The Zoom-Out name derives from the tendency at times for humans to be fixated on an unhelpful detail, i.e. Zoomed-In, to the detriment of their wellbeing and effectiveness.

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