World Zoom-Out Day

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.“
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The world is different today. As I set out along the first stretch of my daily commute, people in the street smile and say “Good morning!” or “Have wonderful day!” Eye contact is made and genuine emotion is expressed. My spirits are already lifted. On the station platform you cannot help but notice people are not formed into their usual clusters, everyone recalling where the train doors stopped the previous day and placing their bets. Not today. People are spread out and have formed pairs and groups and are in energetic conversation with each other. As the train approached people hardly react and then as the doors open people gesture to each other “After you!”.

On the train I stand happily and engage with a man I recognise as I have seen him many times but have never exchanged a word before. It turns out he is the husband of a teacher at the local school, a teacher who teaches my son. What’s more he lives but a couple of streets away from me and shares a passion for 60’s music and playing harmonica. We commit to meeting up for a glass of wine and to have a jam one evening. As we step off the train together I discover he wants to retrain as a Coach and I offer to provide any support I can and connect him up with my network.

We arrive at our destination station which is usually a hurried, jostling environment but today there is a buzz in the air with an undercurrent of serenity. A rare blend.

I join the queue not for the exit but for the Zoom-Out stall. Everyone is buying Zoom-Out badges where you chose what to pay and all proceeds go to the World Zoom-Out Fund dedicated to good causes the planet over.

As I wait I look at the digital advertising billboard which today is broadcasting live from the World Zoom-Out Summit. The leaders of the world gather to Zoom-Out for their country. The bill for today includes the World Zoom-Out Circle where each national leader gets to state the countries top 3 challenges and all other leaders do not get to speak or interrupt until they are finished. Then each leader states an intent to how they may be able to help the country achieve one or more of their challenges. Naturally, non of the challenges benefit only their own country but address wider concerns of the global community and environment.

I make a donation and receive my Zoom-Out badge which I wear with pride. I pause in front the of the screen again just in time to hear a joint statement from the Zoom-Out Summit of Nations: “Zoom Out is a powerful tool for happiness both on a personal level and for society and nations at large. Today reminds us to integrate this into our lives and is a collective Zoom-Out to put our personal predicaments aside and consider the lives and predicaments of others. Through collective thinking and behaviour, we can rise above the ‘walls’ of self-interest, self-obsession and letting things blow out of perspective. We can step away from our mental and emotional ‘microscopes’ and pay attention to the bigger picture of our lives, our society and our World.”

The station concourse echoes with the sounds of applause and cheering. I head for the escalator to the underground tube train and then remember I am taking a different route today as indeed my destination is different today. The culmination of a few weeks light planning, for this morning I am going to be job shadowing with a person I’ve never met before doing a job I have never done before. We will then have lunch together before reversing the situation and they will shadow my job for the afternoon. Last year I learned so much and it opened my eyes to a whole other world of work that I’ve been looking forward to this all week.

The day has just begun but I’m already pumped up and Zoomed-Out!

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