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Cosmic Soup [poem]

Cosmic Soup

Cosmic soup did come from a tin,
A tiny, teeny, tiny tin.
And before that tin, there was no tin,
No tin, no tin, nothin’.

So before that tin, there was nothin’ to put IT in.
In fact, there was nothing to put nothing in either.
For nothing was not even an ether.
And the ether was not nothing either.

So there was a time for the tin,
But no time before tin.
For the time that we’re in,
Did come from the tin that we’re in.

Well does all this matter?
Well it’s why we’re matter!
And if you don’t like soup,
There’s toast to look forward to!

– Rob Aston, Zoomologist, 04 Nov 2007
Sheffield, England
(at 03:50 am I woke up with this in my head – unedited – the universe as the source)



This was the sight that greeted me each morning as I emerged from Waterloo Station, London, during 2016 when I was working with one client. I fancifully took this as an omen of Zoom-Out due to the green eye resemblance to the Zoom-Out Logo: 

Whether is was an accurate perspective – truly an omen – or not, was not the point. Was it helpful? It certainly boosted my mood and motivation to entertain the perspective. It was also a beautiful piece of art (since distorted by graffiti).

Eye at Waterloo. London Rob Aston, March 2017

An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. – Wikipedia