Zoom-Out is a mindset we can develop to help us see the bigger picture, see reality more clearly and find the most helpful perspectives. This helps us lead a more resilient, agile, impactful and fulfilling life.

Zoom-Out sometimes involves cognitive reframing with an emphasis on the bigger picture as a gateway to a fresh new and more helpful perspective.

At Zoom-Out Ltd we are passionate about and dedicated to helping people cultivate a Zoom-Out mindset.

We do this through training, coaching, writing, art, videos and other media and interventions.

About the Name

The name derives from the tendency at times for humans to become fixated on a negative or unhelpful detail at the detriment to their wellbeing and effectiveness. This is a type of Zoom-In. To Zoom-Out therefore, is to see that this detail is part of a broader picture in time, space and other ‘dimensions’. Such details are often imagined and not real. A core Zoom-Out signpost is:

“All perspectives are wrong but some are helpful.”


Zoom-Out Ltd was founded in 2015 by Rob Aston, a Happy Work Coach, Personal Coach and Agile Coach.

Rob has been leading teams for over 20 years and several years ago became somewhat obsessed with why there wasn’t more happiness in the workplace and life more generally. Many years of research, networking and blogging in the sphere of happiness has increasingly led Rob to realise how much of happiness is in our own minds. We can, therefore, influence our own happiness more than we tend to realise. What’s more, individual happiness and team happiness are interrelated and organisations can benefit from enhanced collaboration, creativity and decision-making that increased happiness brings.

Various happiness initiatives such as Happy Work Life and Happiness Development eventually gave birth to Zoom-Out Ltd.

We provide coaching and workshops to equip people and teams with Zoom-Out principles and skills that they can apply to themselves and others.

Zoom-Out Ltd also supports likeminded people and organisations such as Action for Happiness and Happy Melly,

Zoom-Out Ltd is based in London, England.

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Contact details:

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