Derren Brown’s “Miracles” Zoom-Out

Derren Brown is undoubtedly Britain’s favourite “mentalist”. He’s built a career out of showing how easily people’s perceptions and actions can be manipulated. In his Miracles stage show (available on Netflix) from 2015, he does this in a truly dazzling fashion but he also helps the audience to Zoom-Out, big style.

Some Zoom-Out highlights include:

“It’s your view of events that disturbs you and not the events themselves”

– Epictetus

“To be happier, focus on what you can control not what you cannot control. And you can only control two things: (1) your own thoughts and (2) your own actions. You can’t control what other people think and do.”

– Epictetus

Stories – Your ‘world’ is largely defined by your own personal stories from the past that you tell yourselves in the present. These limit you massively and also cause suffering.

You are the miracle – The miracle of being born at all. You are a unique line of ancestry through your parents, your grandparents, all the way back to single cell organisms. The odds of you even being here at all are truly staggering.

If you have a Netflix account you can watch it here – highly recommended:

Netflix – Derren Brown – Miracle