Zoom-Out can be beneficial in many different aspects of life and life situations which are covered under the different topics in the menu (Wellbeing, Stress, Conflict, Agility, …).

Here we are concerned with the foundational principles and zoom-outs that underpin pretty much any life situation.


If you are new to Zoom-Out then a good place to start is with our introduction article:


The general Zoom-Outs.

Perspectives & Mental Maps

Zoom-Out is concerned with perspectives – how we view the world, others and ourselves. Our perspectives are underpinned by our mental maps of reality. As the famous quote states:

“The map is not the territory” – Alfred Korzybski, 1933

The Perfect Map is a metaphorical tale of how we cling to our precious personal mental maps and how these provide a distorted view of reality that leads to suffering and underperformance.

“The reason we suffer is we don’t see the world clearly” – Buddhism


Signposts can be thought of as the navigating principles of Zoom-Out. They form part of the foundations of Zoom-Out and are referenced in various places across the Zoom-Out landscape. Like all signposts, they are up to you whether you follow them but we strongly believe that they can help you navigate your reality in many situations to lead to a more effective and fulfilling life.