Karl Marx’s Epitaph as a call to act as well as see

This morning was a fresh and sunny end of March day and I am privileged enough to live very close to Highgate Cemetary in London. Walking around a cemetery is a powerful way to Zoom-Out (in the Life & Death dimensions). This is a large and beautiful cemetery and the resting place of some famous and historical figures, the most famous perhaps being Karl Marx. I took the following photo which shows his bold and inspiring epitaph:

Now, of course not everyone is going to change the ‘World’ but we have the power to change our world and positively impact ourselves and those within its circle of influence.

In Zoom-Out workshops we often explore the link between our perspectives and outcomes. How we see situations influences how we think about them; how we think influences how we act; how we act influences outcomes. So on a personal level, how we ‘interpret the world’ has a very direct impact on the degree to which and the nature of the changes we make to our world and the world of the people around us.

How will you change your world and the World for us all? And will you leave it in a better state than when you found it? What will your epitaph be?