OLD HOMEPAGE – Finding broader and more helpful perspectives to boost wellbeing and performance


Zoom-Out is concerned with perspectives – how we view the world, others and ourselves.

To Zoom-Out is to step back from a current or default perspective and find the most helpful perspective by seeing the bigger picture, broader context and alternative perspectives. Zoom-Out sometimes utilises cognitive reframing with an emphasis on the bigger picture as a gateway to new and more helpful perspectives. It provides you with many practical ways in which to do this.

The Zoom-Out premise is:

At times we can hold a narrow or limited perspective that is unhelpful to ourselves and others

– The Zoom-Out premise

The Zoom-Out motto is:

“Zoom-Out to find the most helpful perspective”

– The Zoom-Out motto

Zoom-Out is relevant to all aspects of personal life and work. Explore the Topics from the menu for specific applications.

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For a fuller introduction to Zoom-Out visit the “Foundations” section. Zoom-Out is also highly applicable in many different life topics. Follow the images below:

What are people saying about Zoom-Out?

“As fun and engaging as a workshop gets!”

“A very engaging workshop that makes you think about different perspectives.”

“Should be mandatory to attend.”

“Really mindful. This can help me day-to-day.”

“Excellent workshop that gets to the heart of any conflict and strategies for dealing with them.”

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