The Wasp Sting Zoom-Out

Here in the UK summer is in the air and the buzz of wasps is often heard. In life, metaphorical “wasps” are more perennial however.

This is one of my favourite and funnier Zoom-Outs. A little humour goes a long way in relieving life’s stresses.

Try this 6-legged Zoom-Out.

The next time someone behaves in a way that you find extremely irritating, insulting or hurtful, recall a time when you were stung by a wasp, bee or other insect.

Zoom-Out and see that stinging experience alongside this one.

Compare the initial bolts of pain.

Which one is worse? Really.

If you had to choose, would you have this encounter or rather be stung by a wasp?

See how the initial pain will fade.

See how, like the wasp sting, it will heal if you let it and leave no residual suffering.

Like a wasp sting, if you keep focusing on the encounter and “scratching it” the pain will last longer and may even leave a scar.

Like a wasp you have no control over the offending person’s behaviour.

Like a sting from a wasp, do not take it personally. You never think, “Damn, that wasp has really got it in for me?” do you? This is more difficult with a stinging human remark or interaction but it’s almost certainly not personal. The other person is likely exhibiting a default pattern of behaviour in response to some trigger. And, like a wasp they may be “stinging” someone else very soon.

Like a wasp they are more likely to leave you alone if you do not aggravate them in retaliation. Ignoring their behaviour might just be the best strategy. No, this is not losing – you are the winner! I’ve had many heated and ugly interactions with “wasps” and the next time I saw them, I beamed my best smile and gave a warm and happy “Hello, how are you?” This often gets a shocked and almost disappointed look in response. So, who has won?

Of course, it’s not about winning. It’s about leading a happy and resilient life.

Don’t let the “wasps” in your life threaten your happiness!

In your mind, Zoom-Out, tell them to buzz off and view the encounter as less than a sting!


For added impact, imagine the offending person in one of those kiddie wasp outfits complete with sting, compound eyes and antennae.

For added power, take a compassionate view of the “wasp”. It does not know any better in that moment. It may be a fight or flight response to something you said or did. Sometimes an innocent action on your part can unintentionally be perceived as a threat.


Putting things into perspective by comparing to other events / situations.

Zooming-Out to take a less personal perspective; view it more objectively.

View it as a fleeting moment.

Ridicule the situation in your mind to take the emotional stress out of it.

Wasp Image by skeeze from Pixabay