The Zoom-Out Workshops are a powerful way to discover and learn the Zoom-Out principles, skills and tools.

The workshops are highly interactive and people are encouraged to share their own experiences and perspectives.

Please do get in touch to start a conversation and explore further.

We have delivered Zoom-Out workshops with great feedback at various companies including:

Here’s what people have been saying about our workshops:

  • “As fun and engaging as a workshop gets!”
  • “A very engaging workshop that makes you think about different perspectives.”
  • “Should be mandatory to attend.”
  • “Really mindful. This can help me day-to-day.”
  • “Excellent workshop that gets to the heart of any conflict and strategies for dealing with them.”
  • “Really interesting topics. Looking forward to resolving conflict using my new knowledge.”

Workshops are built around modules and can be delivered as a bespoke package or individually to target specific contexts and usage.

Modules can be combined in different ways to suit the needs and learning patterns of different audiences.

Zoom-Out Foundations – Parts I,  II & III

The Zoom-Out principles,  dimensions and core tools

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The Zoom-Out on STRESS Workshop

Your perspective on stress determines whether it is beneficial or harmful. Did you know that the way you view stress can have a significant impact on your life expectancy?

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The Zoom-Out on Conflict Workshop

The perspectives you adopt of yourself and others have a huge impact on your experience of conflict and your ability to deal with conflict effectively.

Zoom-Out concepts and tools applied to conflict in the workplace and life more generally.

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The Zoom-Out on Emotion Workshop

Your perspective on your own emotions can have a great impact on the extent to which your emotions control you. The ability to shift your perspective on an emotion rather than suppress the emotion is a powerful emotional intelligence skill.

The Zoom-Out on Collaboration Workshop

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The Zoom-Out Christmas Carol Workshop

  • Strictly seasonal but a perfect way to end a year and start a new one!
  • This workshop follows the plot structure of Dicken’s classic novella, “A Christmas Carol”, and takes participants on a series of Zoom-Outs facilitated by the three Christmas Ghosts, aka “Zoom-Out Coaches”.
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