A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens’ classic “Zoom-Out” novella


In one of the most popular stories of all time, Charles Dickens tells the tale of one man who is shown the broader perspective of his life; past, present and future.

The fate of Ebenezer Scrooge is to essentially undergo a series of massive Zoom-Outs facilitated by three ghosts.

His current and default worldview is considerably broadened by the three ghostly visitations. Dickens dreamed up and gave form to three unorthodox “Zoom-Out Coaches”. Ones that had their own unique presence, style and unconventional working hours! The third ghost doesn’t even speak. Powerful coaching indeed!

In this fun and exhilarating workshop, we follow the arc of the classic story to help us zoom out and move us forward into the year ahead with positive momentum.

Workshop Details

This workshop follows the plot structure of the novella and takes participants on a series of Zoom-Outs facilitated by the three Christmas Ghosts, namely a Time “Retrospective” Zoom-Out, a Social Zoom-Out and a Time “Futurespective” Zoom-Out.

This workshop can be run with a large team or just with a single person in a personal coaching context.
In the true spirit of Christmas, it aims to help participants:

  • reflect on the fulfilling moments of the year gone by
  • remember and kindle gratitude for people in their life
  • propel them into the new year with a heightened sense of meaning and purpose

The workshop is designed for teams and with a little bit of theatre in mind.  The facilitator taking on role of “Narrator” of the story and a co-facilitator providing the voices of the Ghosts. Sound effects are also used to great effect.

Running time is around 90 minutes (although can be condensed to under 1 hour)

Workshop Facilitation and Materials

You are welcome and encouraged to run the workshop yourself.

Simply contact us via the Contact page and we will happily provide materials for (internal, non-commercial) use with your staff, teams or organisation.

Alternatively, we’d be delighted to run it for you with your team.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Zoom-Out.org team!

Workshop Flier