Zoom-Out Intro Workshop

Boost collaboration and well-being in the workplace through increased flexibility, resilience and tolerance.

“Zoom-Out to find the most helpful perspective”


N.B. Please note this is the free introductory workshop (60 – 90 mins). If you are looking for the in-depth “Foundation Workshop” that can be found here.

As human beings our evolutionary success stems from our large brains, opposable thumbs and our ability to focus on details and conduct precision work.

However, in the modern age, the combination of our imagination and our tendency to obsess on detail can at times dent our happiness and be a source of stress and anxiety. This reduces our performance by making us less smart, less creative, have poorer attention, poorer memories… the list goes on.

An antidote is the Zoom-Out. A mental tactic for increased resilience and well-being. It’s also a powerful way to step outside of ourselves and engage with those “challenging” situations and people in a more proactive and positive way. This is a valuable skill in the workplace where collaboration, tolerance and resilience are increasingly needed.

The core Zoom-Out PRINCIPLE is: “Zoom-Out to find the most helpful perspective”

Outcomes from the Workshop

This workshop is intended to flex our ‘Zoom-Out muscle’ in a fun and engaging way.

After the workshop, the aim is that you will be better placed to spot when Zooming-In is not in your best interest and will have various options for Zooming-Out for increased resilience and well-being.

Potential benefits are:

  • increased resilience through seeing and adopting more helpful perspectives
  • reduced stress levels by reducing or eliminating the perceived sources of stress
  • higher performance through reduced stress and increased resilience
  • enhanced teamwork through greater understanding and tolerance
  • ability to see more opportunities and choices in our daily lives
  • increased compassion through stepping outside of ourselves
  • more realistic expectations
  • greater well-being

About the Facilitator

The workshop is created and facilitated by Rob Aston.

Rob Aston is an experienced Agile Coach and Happy Work Coach. Rob is the founder of Zoom-Out.org and has had a passion for performance and happiness at work for many years.



If you are interested in finding out more or would like to take part in the workshop please email rob@zoom-out.org

It may also be possible to deliver the workshop in your company or with your team so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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