Zoom-Out Foundations 01 – Post-Workshop

Thank you again for your participation in this Zoom-Out workshop.

On this page you will find a recap of the objectives, content and some exercises.

You can also find the a copy of the Zoom-Out Machine canvas to download along with a link to a selection of Zoom-Out cards.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, the objectives are that you will be able to:

  • Explain how perspectives influence our wellbeing and performance
  • Explain the interplay between events and perspectives
  • Recognise narrow / convergent perspectives (Zoomed-In)
  • Recognise broad / divergent perspectives (Zoomed-Out)
  • Recognise when you may be unhelpfully Zoomed-In
  • Describe the Zoom-Out premise and motto
  • Apply the Zoom-Out approach

Content Recap

Zoomed-In versus Zoomed-Out

Zoom Factor Matching

We tried matching various event/perspective combinations to different “zoom factors”:

The Zoom-Out Premise & Motto

Zoom-Out as a ‘doorway’ to new perspectives

“The Zoom-Out Machine” Canvas

Then we looked at “The Zoom-Out Machine” canvas for helping us practice creating and applying Zoom-Outs.

Zoom-Out Cards can be used with this canvas – you can find a selection on this website here.

Blank Zoom-Out Canvas for download

A blank canvas for you to download and print.