Here we provide an index of common zoom-outs, divided into sections based on the context of applicability.


This section focuses on foundational Zoom-Outs, ones that can be applied in almost all contexts.


Focusing Illusion
“Nothing is as important as we think it is while we are focusing on it” – Daniel Kahneman


Infinitely Worse
There are an infinite number of ways in which things could be worse.
Q. What are you grateful hasn’t happened and what are you grateful for having?

“What You See Is All There Is” – Daniel Kahneman
Q. In what way might you be ‘jumping to a conclusion’ based on limited information?


Time is Change
“Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change” Thomas Hardy
Q. In what way can you embrace change rather than resist it?


Present Moment
“The present moment is all there ever is” Eckhart Tolle
Q. In what way are you living in the past or the future and how can you embrace the present moment?

The Unseen

Ego Depletion Zoom-Out
See what zaps your energy and why Zooming Out can be more difficult at times

Zoom-Out on STRESS:

Many of the Foundations Zoom-Outs can help with stressful situations. The following Zoom-Outs are designed specifically to deal with stress.

Next Positive Action Zoom-Out
Zoom-Out from the stressful thoughts and Zoom-In on the next positive action.

The Pledge


Zoom-Out on CONFLICT:

  • ….